FARNET - Federation of American Research Networks

The FARNET Mission

The mission of FARNET is to be a national advocate for Internetworking with a primary focus on the education, research, and related communities.

FARNET is an executive forum for the exchange of information about the Internet and its applications and service, and acts as a catalyst for the transfer of leading edge information infrastructure technology

The Original FARNET Statement of Purpose
Adopted November 1987

The following text is Article I of the Bylaws Of the Federation of American Research Network (FARNET). It is reprinted here for the benefit of those who want to learn more about FARNET and its reason for being.

The purpose of the Federation is to advance science and education in general by assisting in the interchange of information among research and institutions using high-speed data communications and related telecommunications techniques. The Federation emphasizes the coordination and interconnection of regional and backbone high-speed networks to encourage the formation of a unified, nationwide network for education and research and to assist participating institutions in gaining access to scientific and education resources, both nationally and internationally, by such means.

The Federation will:

1. Endeavor to create a nationwide high-speed data communications network capable of end-to-end transmission of text, images and other useful data at rates in excess of one million bits per second.

2. Cooperate and coordinate its activities with other national and international networking agencies in order to promote the creation of a worldwide data network.

3. Promote research and scholarly activities through the use of network communications.

4. Promote collaborative research and development between industry, research institutions, government laboratories and universities through data communications.

5. Facilitate access from educational and research institutions and industry to unique resources such as supercomputing centers and national laboratories.

6. Provide a forum for the discussion of issues affecting the interoperation of high-speed networks and the effective delivery of resources and serviced to the education and research communities.

7. Represent the interests of the federation constituency before networking sponsor and regulatory organizations or their agents in government and industry, standards organizations, legislative bodies and other agencies or organizations as necessary.

8. Endeavor to educate and train the Federations constituency and the broader national educational and research communities in the use of network technology.

9. Pursue these goals so that networking can contribute to the quality, vitality and humaneness of science, technology and scholarship in the United States and the rest of the world.

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