FARNET - Federation of American Research Networks

FARNET Meetings and Seminars

April 1997

FARNET Annual Member Meeting

Washington, DC

August 1996

"A Workshop for the Future of Networking for Research and Education"

Colorado Springs, CO

April 1996
"FARNET/NTTF Joint Meeting"
Washington, DC

September 6-8, 1995
"Alliances for Success"
Washington, DC

May 10-12, 1995
An Update on Internetworking Security
Minneapolis, MN.

January 24-26, 1995
FARNET Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA.

November 1994
"Bits and Mortar: Building the NII for Health Care"
Washington, DC

August 1994
"The National Information Infrastructure and the 50 States: Practical Implementation Issues of the NII"
Snowmass, CO

July 1994
"Transition to the NSFNET"
Washington, DC

January 1994
"FARNET Annual Meeting"
Phoenix, AZ

October 1993
"Legislative Update Workshop"
Washington, DC

October 1993
"Building Consensus/Building Models: A Network Strategy for Change in K-12"
Washington, DC

May 1993
"Service Excellence: Understanding and Measuring Customer Quality"
Ann Arbor, MI

January 1993
"The Internet and Libraries, Current Projects and Issues"
Denver, CO

August 1992
"A Peek Over the Technology Horizon"
Stow, VT

July 1992
"Promoting Partnerships for K-12 Networking"
Washington, DC

July 1992
"NAP Manager/RA and vBNS Provider Solicitation"
Cambridge, MA

May 1992
"Business and Strategic Planning Workshop"
Raleigh, NC

February 1992
"Hardening the Internet"
Orlando, FL

November 1991
"Technical Planning Meeting"
Santa Fe, NM

August 1991
"Big Sky"
Big Sky, MT

May 1991
"FARNET General Meeting"

January 1991
"FARNET Strategic Plan"

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